Thin Surfacing Systems

Our thin surface course systems consist of:

  • asphaltic concrete surface courses made with;
    • a propriety polymer-modified binder or 40/60 penetration grade bitumen
    • organic cellulose fibre
    • limestone filler
    • fine and coarse aggregate
    • in conjunction with a bitumen emulsion bond coat to BS EN 13808:2005

Our material is characterised by:

  • thin layers minimise the use of natural resources
  • noise reduction (HAPAS level 3)
  • spray reduction
  • durability

All products produced and supplied to relevant quality standard BS EN 13108-1:2006. Our testing regime includes:

  • Texture depth
  • Wheel tracking
  • Torque bond
  • Visual condition of system installation and performance trail (SIPT)
  • Noise

We manufacture the product using conventional asphalt production methods at the following locations:

  • Ballintra
  • Ballymena
  • Croaghan
  • Mountfield
  • North Down

For further information, please contact on 028 7032 1100 or email: Quotation marks

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For further information, please contact us
Tel: 028 7032 1100
Email: Quotation marks