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Coloured Traffic Calming (Demarcation/ Delineation) Surfacing

Northstone offer a range of coloured surfacing’s, typically PSV55+ & SRV65+ available in red, green and blue to provide cost-effective solutions to traffic calming scenario’s. Typical uses include demarcation such as central hatching areas, gateways, speed roundels, cycle track/lane, advanced stop lines (ASL’s), speed reducing bars (rumble strips) etc. These demarcation coloured surfacing’s should not be confused with High Friction Surfacing, and do not have BBA/HAPAS accreditation.

Design Specification

Demarcation surfacing guidance is found in the DESIGN MANUAL FOR ROADS AND BRIDGES document `HD 36/06’;

3.16 The same levels of PSV and AAV must be used on different traffic lanes across the carriageway and in the hardshoulder except that, where aggregates are used for demarcation, a maximum difference of 5 PSV points may be allowed.

[ROI; TII Publications, Surfacing Materials for New and Maintenance Construction, for Use in Ireland; DN-PAV-03023 Clause 4.10 (formerly NRA HD 36/15)]

These surfacing’s give both a visual and sensory message to drivers to reinforce delineation, such as at bus lanes/ bays, protected right-turns and traffic signs. These systems may also be used to highlight cycle lanes in both on and off road applications.

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Textureflex® & Cycletrack®

These are SRV65+ Hot screed applied, incorporating PSV55+ coloured aggregates within a coloured polymer modified thermoplastic binder. Typically 3-5mm & 2-3mm  thick respectively, available in red, green and blue. They are ideal for most traffic calming applications. Textureflex is more suitable for areas of higher stress/ heavier trafficking, with Cycletrack producing a smoother profile, consisting of finer 1-2mm aggregates.


Tyregrip is a Cold applied epoxy resin which can be pigmented for use with natural or coloured aggregates to give an effective traffic calming or decorative surface. Colour is enhanced using the latest lead-free pigments and aggregate coating techniques to provide better colour stability and performance. The product is available in a variety of colours in both highway and pedestrian grades, including red, green, yellow, blue and black, or bespoke natural aggregate range.