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Roof Tile Profiles

  • Causeway
    The evolutionary new Causeway roof tile is a fifth generation flat tile developed by the company.

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  • Derrie Mk II
    Derrie Mk II
    The Derrie Mk2 has a traditional double roll pattern which has a proven performance record for over forty years.

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  • Galloway
    A thin, leading edge tile with the appearance of slate, this durable, attractive design is 40% thinner and 15% lighter than traditional flat tiles, offering real cost and fitting benefits.

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  • Galloway Riven
    Galloway Riven
    The Galloway Riven tile has a textured surface and a thin, leading edge to give the appearance of slate.

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  • Gemini
    This innovative interlocking tile is 270mm x 330mm overall, with a central groove to give the appearance of two plain tiles when laid side by side.

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  • Lothian
    The Lothian is a thin leading edge interlocking tile with a mock joint which gives the appearance of European plain tiles when laid.

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  • Mini Slate
    Mini Slate
    All the benefits of a concrete interlocking roof tile with the handsome appearance of authentic natural slate.

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  • Plain Tile
    Plain Tile
    A Double Cambered concrete tile 265mm x 167mm.

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  • Seville
    The Seville has a bold roll design offering a Mediterranean style roof, which compliments modern architectural designs and large buildings.

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  • Slemish MK II
    Slemish MK II
    This flat tile is no longer manufactured however a small stock may still be available for repairs and extensions.

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  • The Donard
    The Donard
    The Donard has a traditional flat tile pattern profile offering the clean lines and smart finish of an interlocking slate pattern and is available in eight colours.

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  • Centurion
    Traditional Concrete Tile designed for low pitch roofs down to 12.

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  • V2 Rooftile
    V2 Rooftile
    Traditional concrete roof tile, with interlocking feature, proven to give better driven rain and ice blocking performance.

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