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Surface Dressing

This is a cost effective method to waterproof, provide a desired skid resistance and improve light surface deterioration on any class of road. The Surface Dressing season is between May – August.

All our surface dressings, both standard and premium, are carried out in accordance with the requirements of National Highways Sector Scheme 13, and clause 919 (Recipe Specification) & clause 922 (Design, Application and End Product Performance) of the Specification for Highway Works [& Series 900; clause 7.2 of the NRA Specification for Road Works]. Our compliance with the Scheme is independently assessed by the BSI (British Standards Institute). Our Special Products accredited Staff are experienced in all the technical aspects of surface dressing and are always ready to advise on suitable dressings for any specific situation.



Northstone use both theTotal Bitumen proven EMULSIS® range, and the ICB Emulsion range. Regards non-modified K1-70 binder for standard dressings and polymer modified grade binders for Premium dressings.

The polymer modification binders are used in areas of high traffic stress i.e. high traffic volume/ junctions/ gradients, as well as in multiple layer dressings. Giving clear benefits in terms of durability; adhesion, flexibility and resistance to extremes of temperature. Less prone to `bleeding/fatting up’ in hot weather, nor `Fretting’ due to brittle failure in low temperatures.


-        ICB (Cold Chon) Polymer 80; is a C70BPF1 designated emulsion, as defined by EN 13808:2005. A user-friendly Premium Grade binder, with an application temperature of 80 – 85°C.


-        Emulsis Ultra; is a C69BP4 designated emulsion, as defined by EN 13808:2005. An intermediate quality binder designed to bridge the gap between conventional & higher performance binders. Able to develop strength and cope with stresses in the early life, even in unfavourable ambient conditions.  (HAPAS Certificate 14/H215)


-        Emulsis Satis; is a C71BP4 designated emulsion, class 5, as defined by EN 13808:2005. A Premium Grade binder, with intrinsic innovative technology to enable application at lower temperatures, yet maintain an even distribution of binder across the spraybar. Application temperature of 70 – 75°C.  (HAPAS Certificate 14/H215)


-        Emulsis Supreme; is a C70BP4 designated emulsion, class 6, as defined by EN 13808:2005. A tough, durable and elastic Super Premium Grade binder, also with 70 – 75°C lower temperature application.


Northstone offers a complete package for both conventional and premium dressings, covering design, aggregate supply, installation and aftercare. Single coat, racked-in, double or sandwich dressings are designed to meet performance criteria for individual Sites as appropriate.

  • Surface Dressing
    Surface Dressing
    Our surface dressing operatives are fully trained and experienced in the operation of our surface dressing plant, including computer controlled spray tankers.

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