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NorthFlo Liquid Floor Screed

NorthFlo is a superior thermal anhydrite flowing screed designed to maximise the benefits of underfloor heating. The thin liquid screed layer (Typically 50mm) fully encapsulates heating pipes giving unrivalled heat response and greater efficiency in home heating systems.

Underfloor heating systems with NorthFlo screeds typically reach operating temperatures twice as quickly as those with traditional screeds. This tighter thermal control helps to save fuel, reduce heating costs and increase comfort levels.

Low Carbon Footprint

In addition to these energy savings, the binder is a sustainably sourced by-product from the flue gas desulphurisation of power plants making NorthFlo your first choice for a low carbon footprint screed.


NorthFlo is simple and fast to pump and place - areas up to 2000m2 can be installed daily - and its low shrinkage and high flexural strength ensure floors are virtually jointless and crack-free. Northstone offer a full province-wide supply and lay service using skilled approved installers.

Floor Coverings

The finished NorthFlo floor requires sanding and is suitable for receiving all common floor coverings including carpet, timber, tiles and vinyl.

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