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Ennis-Flint Colourbright

Colourbright™ a reflective coloured surfacing was trialled by Northstone in May 2008. Since 2004 it attained the following awards:

  • Prince Michael International Road Safety Award
  • Highways Magazine Innovation and Safety Product Award
  • European Innovation Award

Unfortunately due to economic down turn the system was shelved, and has now been withdrawn.

White light from headlights is reflected back as coloured light to the driver in the dark. This is made possible through the development of Ennis-Flint Clusterbead® technology.

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The process involves laying a polymer modified bitumen scratch coat to level the area to be treated. Pigmented epoxy resin is then applied, followed by application of the Clusterbeads using a special bead distributor. The resin is then dressed with a pigmented resin-coated grit to provide skid resistance.

At one trial site in England, accidents, including fatalities and serious injuries, reduced from ten in the previous two years to none over the two year period following Colourbright installation.

Colourbright is available in red, yellow, green, white and 'stealth' grey.